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Gawsworth Business Court

Gawsworth Business Court


Mr M Lea


Gawsworth, Cheshire


Conversion of Agricultural Building into Offices




Anthony Twigg

Gawsworth Business Court, formerly known as Shellow Farm, had operated as a sheep and dairy farm until late 2005.  In 2006 planning consent was achieved to convert three 19th century brick barns and two modern agricultural sheds to six office units.

The site is located within the Cheshire green-belt and required a design sensitive to the rural character of the area.  Conservation of original features was particularly important in the older of the buildings and an environmentally conscious approach with the newer part of the development was paramount.

High specification fixtures and fittings minimise energy loss whilst sustainably sourced building materials were used wherever possible.

Extensive landscaping of the site was needed, as well as the demolition of other farm buildings to create space for a car park and picnic area.