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Our People

Hayes & Partners are lucky to have a very efficient and effective staff, where each member brings different talents and expertise to the practice.

The practice is structured into three teams – feasibility & design, delivery and administration. The overall development of each project is overseen by a Director, who maintains a hands-on involvement through all stages.

Hayes & Partners’ feasibility & design team create award-winning designs through a keen sense of style, proportion and balance. They are sensitive to clients’ requirements, versatile in their understanding and application of different architectural forms, and responsive to constraints such as budget, context and heritage.

By considering the practical and logistical aspects of construction and project management early-on, and through close work with the feasibility & design team, our delivery team help to ensure complete buildability from the outset. Their many years of on-site experience mean that our architects are able to effectively guide clients through what is often a daunting time, ensuring a successfully completed build that is on-time and on-budget.

Hayes & Partners’ administration team provide invaluable support to the architectural staff by assisting with the operation and management of architectural projects. They also ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the practice and are often the first point-of contact for our clients.

Eleanor Hall | Director

Chris Murren | Associate

Jake Rathbone | Architect

Lucy Stray | Architectural Assistant

Matthew Bee  | Senior Designer

Rachel Dyas | Company Secretary and Office Manager

Sam Dale | Architectural Assistant

Krishan Patel | Architectural Assistant